What is vegasWorld FX? FX is like gambling version 2.0 + Free GEMS!

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[wpsm_dropcap]S[/wpsm_dropcap]everal months ago, vegasWorld updated their entire game from Flash to OpenFL/Haxe.  We explain this migration process into further detail in our post located here.  Now whenever you sign into vegasWorld, you might notice the link has changed to include FX in the url:

The new vegasWorld FX allows the developers to create cross-platform applications.  For those of us who play on mobile, we should all see a huge different in connectivity and game play.  This is a huge accomplishment for vegasWorld as it promises a better and brighter future for their virtual world casino.

Image Credit: Skye

Unfortunately, the update was met with mixed reactions.  Players have complained the avatars are pixelated, blurry, or fuzzy-looking.  And for older users, they are now re-adjusting to the new design changes.

Other than that, quite honestly, this new vegasWorld FX update is great.  There are more games, stable mobile apps, and better features.  I’ll take pixelated images for better game-play experience any day.

The only bad thing… The love hotel is gone.
Now some players won’t be able to have virtual sex.

Other vegasWorld news from the past week

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