Why does vegasWorld have so many negative reviews? Here’s 100,000 FREE coins!

[wpsm_dropcap]I[/wpsm_dropcap]f you ever google “vegasWorld Reviews,” you’ll find a number of people complaining about the online casino game.  vegasWorld has been criticized for being a scam site, providing poor customer service, and having unstable game connections resulting in casino losses.

In this post, we will talk about each of these complaints and consider if they hold any merit.

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Is vegasWorld a scam?

Is a Casino a scam?  Well there you have it.  vegasWorld is a virtual world casino and a business like any other business.

If you have an addictive personality, it would be smart to stay away from casinos.  Casinos build confidence in their players by letting them win; then over a span of time, have players lose once they’re hooked.

vegasWorld allows players to purchase charms that help prevent casino losses.  It should also be noted that members seem to have a higher winning percentage.

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Does the customer service suck?

Well… yes.  vegasWorld players complain about the lack of support in-game.  The moderators either don’t care or ban people at random.

Customer Service can kill a business which explains why there are so many negative reviews.  This kind of stuff can be avoided with better customer service.  vegasWorld customer service simply do not care.

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Are there connection issues and lag?

For awhile, vegasWorld was experiencing ddos attacks from hackers.  These attacks were causing the game to become unstable.

vegasWorld was also written in flash but was recently transitioned over to openFL/Haxe.  We explain that more in detail here.  Despite the transition, players still need to refresh from time-to-time.

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vegasWorld is a great game but could use better customer service.
What do you think about vegasWorld?

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  1. I find Vegasworld to be fun. ?It is fairly stable but has problems with loading the pages fully the first time. I’ve never had coins disappear, UNLIKE on Pogo, who refuse returning “tokens” even when they know they were taken unjustly. AVOID POGO.

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