Basics: Custom Creations

So as some of you may or may not know, the Custom Creations Shop is ourWorld’s newest feature.  This shop will allow you to buy stickers in exchange for gems (600 gems, to be exact).  Here’s a short tutorial on Custom Creations — restricted to US only:

Step I: Choose a Product

Right now there’s only one product: The Photo Decal Pack.  How it works is you pick a photo from your album.  ourWorld will ship it to you as a pack of vinyl stickers.  The pack costs 600 gems and comes with a variety of different size stickers.

Custom Creations Step 1

Step II: Select A Photo

Choose your photo wisely!  It will go onto all of your stickers so you can stick them all over your binders and notebooks and your parents car bumper.  Once you select the photo then click next!

Custom Creations Step 2

Step III: Pay 600 Gems, suckers!

We didn’t have enough gems because we’re poor.  And we can’t afford gems.  So this is the final step we can show.  However, if you do have 600 gems then the next step will ask for your shipping information.  The step after that will ask for confirmation.  Wait a few weeks and stickers will arrive to your house!

Custom Creations Step 3

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