These HighRise pickup lines will surely get you rejected by nearly everyone

HighRise is a virtual world, or as some might say, a “metaverse” (whatever metaverse means). Whatever people consider HighRise to be, one thing’s for certain: HighRise is very much a teen dating game. In fact, some might argue that HighRise isn’t a game at all. But a chatting app; a virtual world chatting app. And what do most people do in chatting apps? Socialize. Connect. Date.

If you’d like to have a bit of fun, use these clever pickup lines in-game on unsuspecting players. I’ve used most of these pickup lines myself and every single one of them have failed. Which makes playing this game even more fun. HighRise is a social game, is it not? So let’s socialize!

I hope you enjoyed these HighRise Pickup lines. Do they make HighRise a little more entertaining? The thing about games like HighRise and other virtual worlds is you need to engage other players in amusing ways. If not, then the game can become pretty boring. And it’s always better to play together.

If you have any funny or sweet pickup lines, then feel free to leave comments below. I’ll put them together in a post. And as always, my name is DonnyPie. Remember to add me in game.

Donny Pie

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