Here are 5 EASY ways HR players EARN FREE HIGHRISE ITEMS (without spending gold)

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So you don’t have enough gold on HighRise to afford decent items? That’s okay. Because you don’t necessarily need gold to get items in HighRise. There are plenty of clever ways to get rare, epic, or even legendary items FOR FREE. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some of our secrets on how we get free HighRise items without the need to spend real money (because let’s be honest, we’re too poor for that).

#5 – Featured Grabs

So if you visit the shop tab in HighRise; you’ll, then, see a featured grab section. At the top of featured grabs, you’ll see a welcome grab and a free daily grab.

The welcome grab costs 1,000 bubbles to spin and contains 8 different account-bound items. Account bound means they’re non-tradable.

The free daily grab requires you to watch a video ad. After the video ad completes, you will be given either a free rare item or common item. You can do this up to 5 times per day. And the best part is that all these items are tradable so you’ll have an opportunity to trade for even better items. Or place them in a spin where you can earn gold for each spin.

#4 – Scavenger Hunt Items

Scavenger hunt items pertain to in-game events hosted by HighRise. Typically, HighRise scavenger hunts require users to solve a riddle of some sort that will, eventually, lead them to a secret room. In this room, you will be able to buy a 1 bubble item from an NPC. Which, in my opinion, is a decent item.

In fact, we made an entire list of 1 bubble items you can view by tapping or clicking here.

#3 – SkyPass Rewards

SkyPass rewards is HighRise’s subscription service. By doing daily tasks, you’ll be rewarded experience points. The more experience points you have, the more items you unlock. Unfortunately, these items are account-bound. But at least they were free!

#2 – Contests

Contests are always being ran in HighRise. These contests promise all kinds of things; especially items! And also, since there are so many contests going on, it’s easy to find contests with fewer people who join-in which can give you a higher success rate of winning.

Simply lookup the hashtag #contest for a chance to win some legendary HighRise items!

#1 – Events

HighRise runs weekly events where you and your crew mates compete by doing silly tasks. After a task is complete, you’re rewarded with tickets. Get enough tickets and you’ll unlock some pretty decent rare items. These rare items are worth event-ing considering the items are limited time only.

And if you’re lucky enough, some crews spend tons of money and generally rank higher than anyone else. So we definitely suggest the events.

See, you don’t need to spend gold to get items in HighRise. You can earn items by simply watching ads, talking to friends who are willing to trade, eventing, and much more. Of course, free HighRise items aren’t super high in demand since anyone can get them. But it’s still cool we get items at all.

Thank you for reading and we hope this blog post will help you in HighRise.

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