Ourworld Mobile Lite Version

Early this year, our dear authors Allied Hero and Obsessive posted guides on how to play Ourworld on your Apple and Samsung devices browsers. However, players faced some inconvenient problems such as lagging, application crashing and sudden sign-out.

Therefore, Ourworld has implemented a mobile lite version of its website. So, whenever you open Ourworld on a mobile browser, the lite version appears. *tested on Samsung Galaxy S2 & IPod 4*

The lite version has fewer features than the normal version. You can open your inventory, change your appearance, access the shop, and buy gems.




Click here to try the Mobile version of Ourworld on your PCs.

You can access the desktop version by your mobile through Facebook Ourworld app or through a link -click here- where you can write emails, and gem codes. Unfortunately, couldn’t paste the codes.


Are you with or against this lite version?!

Share your thoughts!

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