This Instragram page took Barbie to a WHOLE NEW level of roleplay

Tiff the Barbie re-imagines barbie as the millennial mom.  Instagram is full of beautiful people with seemingly picture perfect lives, kind of like living Barbie dolls. But no one is rocking the stylish moms of Instagram thing better than this actual Barbie doll named Tiff.

If you notice, in the image… Tiff the Barbie is pregnant.  There’s a complete storyline to this instagram page while barbie shows off her very unique sense of style.  She might be the next big thing you should follow.  She even goes as far as committing to the act in all of her images:

Tiff’s secret to preventing stretch marks?  Cocoa butter.  She is all about giving tips and helping young mothers feel comfortable in their own skin… or in her case, plastic.

Here’s a video of Tiff relaxing in the spa with  her bestie. Did we mention tiff as a bestie?!  Yup. Her name is Serena Golden and she, too, has an instagram account.  Not only that; but she uploads YouTube videos too!  Who would’ve thought that barbie would have her very own YouTube channel!

What do you think about Tiff The Barbie’s Instagram?

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