OGC Weekly Contest: Week #1 – Entries

Hello, all!
Iero (formally Clockwork Orange/Cynical Cyanide) here with a chance for YOU to WIN some tasty rares!

I present you with the first of an annual weekly contest, hosted by OGC.

How does it work, might you ask?
Well, there’s three steps you need to complete.

Step 1;
Login/Sign Up to the OGC Forums.
Step 2;
Send ‘Clockwork Orange’ a PM containing ‘Step 3’s answers.
Step 3;
Answer these questions.

1 – When was ourWorld released?
2 – When was OGC released?
3 – What do you think of OGC?
4 – Which box do you choose, Black, Blue, or Green?

Step 4;
The box you choose determines what item you get.
In each of these boxes lies a Rare/Super Rare condo item. Value’s vary from boxes since they’re randomly chosen.
When you choose your box, I will put your item up on my Marketplace, ow name ‘Iero’, and you simply offer ONE coin!

The deadline for entries is;
Friday, 30th August
Timezones are an issue so i can give you a few hours afterwards.

Here are the boxes to choose from.

Choose wisely, ourWorlders!


I'm the result of society's socialization of man. Turned from a sweet and oozing thing of God into a Mechanical Creation. My name is Clockwork Orange, and I will kneel before Ultraviolence.

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