HighRise is practically ourWorld, Instagram, and Twitter ALL IN ONE

Who blogs in 2021?  I do.  Yeah, that’s right.  Fight me over it.  But don’t hit me too hard because I bruise easily.

What is HighRise?  I’m glad I asked for you.  HighRise is a virtual world game with many social features.  I mean, an exorbitant amount of features.  In the game, you have a wall that you can post anything on.  Rather than using Twitter, some people use HighRise as their social media application.  Players record their virtual life and share it for all of HighRise to witness, comment, and forget.

HighRise Wall

Similar to one of my all-time favorite games, ourWorld, HighRise is all about styling your avatar.  Express yourself, even if that means you’re an actual mushroom in-game.  The possibilities in HighRise are endless.  There are over 20,000 different items to choose from.  Also, I should note that this blog post isn’t sponsored.  I genuinely like HighRise because it’s reminiscent to games like ourWorld, SmallWorlds, DizzyWood, and many others that no longer exist.

HighRise is my replacement for ourWorld (not that you could ever replace ourWorld or any game for that matter).  The game has so many items to choose from.  You can even trade and sell those “rare” items for in-game gold.  This is definitely a game you should play, especially if you miss some of your favorite childhood games.

TL;DR – HighRise is a good virtual world dress-up game.  If you miss your childhood games, then download and play this app.  You won’t be disappointed.

Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated or paid for by HighRise or anyone.  Add me in HighRise: DonnyPie

Donny Pie

Hello! My name is Donnel Garner. I created ourGemCodes in 2010. I have my degree in Computer Science. I’m a web developer, entrepreneur, content creator, and United States Submariner. I am a young philanthropist and contribute to open source foundations.

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