These HighRise Celebrity Look-Alikes make any outfit possible in the growing metaverse

Virtual worlds are dress-up games where you can be anyone. You’re only limited to your own imagination. And HighRise is no exception. There are over 30,000 items in HighRise which makes picking and choosing outfits easy. Check out some of these HighRise celebrity look-alike outfits:

The metaverse is something we need to define. There’s a lot of confusion over what it could mean. And I think HighRise and other virtual world games are good case-studies as to early adoptions of a metaverse. Essentially, a metaverse is like the internet. The metaverse is not, necessarily, a virtual world or a place of augmented reality. The metaverse is a portion of the internet where digital assets are held and collected by the user.

For example, imagine if HighRise allowed each user to store information locally onto their devices. Rather than using a centralized server location. In idea, you can use each individuals device who downloads HighRise to have a portion of encrypted code that can serve from device-to-device. If information is being served from the users then you’d need to have every user delete HighRise in order to delete the game in its entirety. This is the true power of blockchain technology.

The metaverse, then, takes this same concept and allows ecosystems to thrive. HighRise, for example, is a place where digital assets are collected and traded. By placing these items on the blockchain; you could have your items stored forever (as long as you don’t delete HighRise from your device). And even if you did delete HighRise, I suppose if this data was synchronized across the network and other users stored the information then the data would exist forever. A metaverse is like a micro-ecosystem that exists on different blockchains. This is the future of the internet. And it seems kinda cool; as long as I can dress up as my favorite HighRise Celebrities ;p

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