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4 Naughty Dance Moves

Even though ourWorld is primarily for kids, it’s surprisingly dirty.  Check out the dance moves below.  Are they dance moves, or are they gestures for something else?  You tell us:


#4. The Shaker

The shaker looks like you’re shaking your pixelated booty.  If there was a twerking move in ourWorld then this would be it.

bandicam 2013-10-27 15-53-48-968

ourWorld is fun.  Use these moves resposibly or irresponsibly.

#3. Left Hand Shimmy

The left hand shimmy is naughty.  It looks like as if you’ve taken off your bra and you’re twirling it around your head.  Seriously ourWorld?

bandicam 2013-10-27 15-53-27-278

We’re not even sure if this is a dance move.  Since when is the left hand shimmy ever been used in dancing?

#2. The Wavin’

The Wavin’ is another move that’s questionable.  Is this a dance move?  We’re not sure.

bandicam 2013-10-27 15-53-35-145

This is a very popular ourWorld move and it’s used in many condos.

#1. The Genie

Anyone who’s played ourWorld for awhile knows of The Genie move.  It’s the most popular move in ourWorld, by far.

bandicam 2013-10-27 15-53-41-673

The genie move is no longer available for new players.  It used to be unlocked through Dance Planet, but has been removed since then.

Disclaimer: As bloggers, we post news and articles that you find interesting.  We are merely a reflection of events and actions that take place in ourWorld.

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