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ourWorld bans Donny Pie and threaten to disable his chat forever

ourWorld continues to ban players from their game.  This time, they’ve banned Donny Pie.

Donny has been playing ourWorld since 2010 and is a well-known player who rose to popularity from his YouTube channel and ourWorld blogs.  The reason for his ban is without proof, but ourWorld suggests he’s engaged in sexual conversations.  We can confirm that ourWorld is lying.  The most “sexually suggestive” comments made by Donny are in his most recent video titled: ourWorld Smash or Pass edition (a popular game played on YouTube).

How often are these bans happening?

Often. ourWorld is unfairly banning players.  Last week, we wrote an article about ourWorld killing their own game by unjustly banning 2fps for sharing social media links (something that everyone does).  2fps’ ban was met with an overwhelming amount of support from people sending messages to ourWorld pleading them to unban 2fps.  However, ourWorld refused to unban his account.

The code of conduct is outlined on the forums, but it looks like 2fps was banned for no reason.  Another player by the name of Sharkasm was also banned for hosting social media events.  And now another content-creator has fallen victim to the same travesty: Donny Pie.

Is Donny Pie banned forever?

ourWorld is accusing Donny for making sexually suggestive comments.  However, they have not provided any proof.  Donny recently made a post regarding ourWorld harassment.  Something ourWorld has done nothing about along with extreme cyber-bullying.  Also, it should be noted that ourWorld suggests sexual themes of their own; one being a dance move called “Genie” that looks like one person is performing a sexual-act on another.  ourWorld also has sex-themed items which Donny has exposed in his video located here.

Image Credit: Donny Pie Comments

ourWorld has had feuds with Donny in the past.  ourWorld moderators have recently become upset with Donny for reporting on these unjust bans; going as far to chat-ban Donny’s account.  Moderators have threatened to perma-ban Donny in the past due to some players declaring “witch-hunts”.

ourWorld is one step closer to death by pushing their most well known content-creator away.

The problem with ourWorld is they haven’t informed anyone of enforcing these strict rules.  And for the moderators to make up lies about players and unfairly ban them is just wrong.  It would seem the customer service at ourWorld will have plenty to think about after complaints they’ll receive.

What do you think about these recent bans?

Donny Pie

Hello! My name is Donnel Garner. I created ourGemCodes in 2010. I have my degree in Computer Science. I’m a web developer, entrepreneur, content creator, and United States Submariner. I am a young philanthropist and contribute to open source foundations.


  1. Hi… my name in OW is “Eels”. I firmly believe that there are multiple players that do not receive a well deserved Ban, I have seen a lot who are clearly making direct sexual insinuations, with players who are probably kids. They have found the way to communicate dirty talks, and many of them (rich and higher players) say that they are “friends” with some moderators, so “they will never be punished”. There are some others, like Donny said, who only shared maybe their social media info, and they get banned the next day? Ourworld it is supposed to be another “social platform”, thus, it is understandable that they use some “filters” in order to keep the OW population under control… However, which are the specific filters they use in order to Ban someone? Who are all the moderators in charge and how they judge who deserve a warning message? As this game is not only a game, but a dinamic website with people of all ages, as another facebook or instagram, we have the right to know such things, so we won’t get surprised next time, if I, you, a friend or a self named “public character”, like Donny, get banned… maybe forever.

  2. I think that Donny don’t deserve this, he worked his ass off to make videos for this game and making it popular as it is now and this is how they repay him….. nice work ourWorld you really done it this time -.-

  3. I think that they should really double check on what the player is doing wrong. Because, they are unaware that they are banning OW players for no reason. Tbh, they are losing more players this way.

  4. I think that is stupid. There are plenty of other Ow players who make sexual comments on there but they don’t get banned . I think they just like to target Donny pie because he is popular .

  5. Thanks for making this post! My first time getting banned was a permanent ban, and ouWorld bans people by IP address, so once you get perma-banned, you can’t really make a new account that easily.

  6. the fact that they deactivated ur chat soon after making all these posts about ourworld killing itself, surely must be just a coincidence L:

    when “sexually suggestive” things have always been a normal thing/joke among players, years and years it was available and no one did shit ;))))

    ourworld once again proceeds to kill itself lmao

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