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Fan Art Saturday!

Hello there! I apologize because last week I failed to post the fan art Saturday. I was very busy with school those few day. Well, don’t fret you guys, I have some awesome artwork to show you this week.


full half chibistandalone

The artist behind this awesome artwork is..


 You may contact her here.

This art especially, is really leaning towards the anime/manga style with most of the drawings that are shown here. Usually, I’m not really fond of that style but I actually really like it this time and I believe that’s because she manages to put in a pinch of her own style in there. My favourite part about her anime/manga drawings are probably the hair and some of the clothing items because there is good detail put into them. My favourite part about that second last drawings (which in my opinion is starting to lean towards being a chibi) is the eyes, they are huge, adorable looking and just really make the drawing look like a chibi. Round of applause for this artist!

Out of all these drawings, my favourite ones would have to be the last drawing and the second last drawing! Which one(s) is/are your favourite art piece(s)? Tell us in the comments below.


Would you like your ourWorld fan art posted on the front page of OGC? Well you may contact myself here! It’s not certain that I will post your artwork, although I shall definitely take a look at it, and it shall be judged on many things.

FANART SATURDAY, NEW FEATURE: Now in my fan art Saturday posts there will be interviews included with the artists who’s art is being posted. This will start next week!  

Credit to @Lord Bladicus/@Some guy named Bladicus.

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