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Game of the Week: Dump Escape


In this week’s game, you are… what? A hobo? A hammerhead? A skateboarding elephant? Or perhaps a mosquito? Well, what you are doesn’t matter, because you all have a common goal: to escape the dump where you live, because stra-a-ange things happen there. Only problem? The dump is huge, and the way out is dangerous. Fortunately, you’ve got me to give you tips. Cammie in Beat Street has a series of challenges for this game, where you can win Flow, badges, and music boxes.

Thanks to Big Dork for suggesting this Arcade game (and a few others.) Have a free invisible amplifier to go with your free air guitar.

Here are some tips:

  • No matter whether you’re swimming, flying, or doing garbage dump parkour, watch out for falling trash. It doesn’t hurt as much as other things, but it hurts.
  • More expensive isn’t always better. Some characters may have one ‘superstat’ or one that they fail at. Pick which is most important and max out on that one, or try to find a nice balance.
  • You can drag around the order in which you play running, flying, and swimming when you’re upgrading. This doesn’t cost anything.
  • Each ‘landscape’ has a different control style, but these styles are typical of most games. Up arrow to jump or go up, down to go down, and space to throw things.
  • Sometimes you’ll face enemies from other terrains (for example, wasps just above the water when swimming, or runners when flying). Unless these guys are right in your way, I suggest ignoring them.
  • You get a bonus for killing things, so get as many as you can.

Sheesh kadeesh, this game is violent…

Before I ask for suggestions, I’d like to clarify a few things.

  1. I do not get paid to write these posts. I volunteered to write them.
  2. It rather hurts me when people chew me out for not posting ‘news.’ When I received this author position, the Powers that Be (i.e. Skye Pie himself) told me specifically to only post on flash games. Should he ever go back on that and clear me to post news, I’ll be all too happy to churn it out. For the time being, though, my domain is the gaming side of ourWorld.
  3. Not every game you suggest will be immediately posted. If I’ve never played a game it will take me longer to post it. If I really like a game I will post it as soon as I can.

On a happier note, I’m still taking any suggestion you’ve got. No invisible prizes or imaginary bribes here: this is honest to goodness flash gaming. Remember to leave your ourWorld name with a comment if it isn’t the same as your Disqus name, or you can message me on ourWorld. Have a great week.

Oh, and as for tomorrow, since I’m not sure whether our Wednesday author will ever post again, here’s something to keep you entertained: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWBhP0EQ1lA. Yeah. Had to throw that in there. Not sure if it’s viral at anyone else’s school but at mine at least, all the freshmen are constantly quoting it every Wednesday.

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