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Semi-Useless Game Post of the Week: Mr. Runner

First of all, I believe I have an apology to make. Sloth is one of the Seven Sins for a reason. Well, advice for anyone who wants to start a fansite: If you ever get the urge to slack off and copy from another fansite’s screenshots instead of taking your own, don’t do it. I’ve been there, done that, made an enemy or two. I apologize to the fansite I took images from. I apologize to any fellow followers of Ourgemcodes for making us lose face while trying to make us look better in my own show of… I believe the word is idiocy? The state of being an idiot? Well, I’m an idiot, in any case, and I’m sorry.

Also, to paraphrase an implied question that’s been weighing on my mind all week: Who cares about flash games? Uh… Me. Gauche. Thunder Eyed. Pink Strawberry. wait wat. Queen of Heaven. owGods Rose. Big Dork. hashaan. owGods Sunny 8D. Cheese 8D. Several others who’ve suggested such a while ago that I’ve thrown out the sticky notes. Several others who’ve been too shy to suggest or who just like to read. And- I could maybe count these on one hand, but they’re important- those few people whom I’ve helped through tough times, being bullied, being trolled, suicidal moments, etc. using this blog and/or ourWorld as a point of contact.

But now onto the part people expect from me every Tuesday. Which is pretty much useless, but it’s fun. Fun is the purpose of ourWorld- having fun to earn Flow to keep those magical islands in the sky to keep us out of the living nightmare that is real life.

run for your life mrrunner


This week’s game, as suggested by wait wat, is filed under Action games. The purpose of this game is… to run. (“Nooooo, really, Lightning, we thought it was about pie and unicorns.” May I explain to you lovely dahlings that life is not all pie and unicorns.) One hint I can give you right off the bat: Stay in control. Since this game is all in the keyboard, it’s laptop-friendly. Shouldn’t be too difficult, but here are some more things to keep in mind.

  • Green dots are ‘save points.’ You’ll restart there if you hit lava or otherwise fail.
  • You can jump off the ground, or off of walls. If the ground’s all lava or it’s too high to jump straight up, grab a wall and start climbing.
  • As I said before, stay in control. If you can stay in control and still go fast, you’re way farther along than I am. Win a gold medal for me. ;)
  • Pay attention to the tips at the beginning of each level, since they might save you later.
  • Don’t fall in the lava? I can’t think of anything else to say. The game’s simple enough.

Any suggestions or anything you’d like to get off your chest? Feel free to message me on ourWorld or leave a comment in the section below.  Also, to the suggester (is that a word?) of last week’s game, if you don’t like your invisible amplifier I could always take it back and give you something else instead… I still have more air guitars.

♪ and I made the audition ensemble in choir ♪ sorry, I’m a little too happy about that.

See you guys!

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