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Inuyasha Outfit

Are you an Inuyasha fan?! We are. So here’s an ourWorld outfit just for you!
Check out this Inuyasha outfit:

ourWorld vs Inuyasha
Inuyasha Outfit by CK SkyeLogic

Check out this Kagome outfit:

Kagome outfit by CK LunaLocket
Real Kagome VS ourWorld Kagome

Inuyasha is a Japanese Anime Series.  And right now, Japan is going through some hard times.
If you have not heard japan was hit with a 8.9 magnitude earthquake
which triggered a tsunami killing more than 10,000 people.
Even if you don’t live in Japan, you can change your ourWorld flag to support them — thanks

Outfits by CK SkyeLogic and CK LunaLocket
::dress like your favorite actor or actress, musician , video game, etc…::
::leave a comment with your ourworld username and we might use it as an outfit::

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