June 2013 Monthly Items

Oh, yes! I’m back, and back with STYLE!

~~The all-new, Gypsy-themed attire will surely be the height of fashion this summer!~~

Set Name: [Not released]
Set Item Count: 6 (Six)
Style: Gypsy/Other
Release Date: 1st June 2013
Expiry Date: 1st July 2013

*Extra Info*
– The first color pants are missing, I will add them here when they’re available.
– The sets are not yet out, too. Once again, i’ll add them here when they’re available.

– If you’re thinking of copying these images, don’t. It will get you into a LOT of trouble.
– These images are supplied for educational/observational use ONLY.
– Under NO circumstances are you to steal/’borrow’/alter these images for your own personal gain.
– If you actually read this, you will understand how you must read this and agree with it.
– These copyright words are in conjunction with ‘The ourWorld News’s own.
– The images; The beige/brown colored items are copyright of The ourWorld News/MareksGregs.
– Please, heed these words, child.




~Cynical Cyanide~

opyright Links:
MareksGregs – The ourWorld News


I'm the result of society's socialization of man. Turned from a sweet and oozing thing of God into a Mechanical Creation. My name is Clockwork Orange, and I will kneel before Ultraviolence.

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