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ourWorld Updates: Name Icon Preview

We had a little preview showed before on upcoming updates, but we wanted to tell you more about the spectacular Name icons! I hope you enjoy the preview ♥

Features named below are not yet in live ourWorld.

More information (Reminders and renewals):

♥ The next update is set on October 15th

♣ Along with the name icons, Halloween 2012 Pixi Pets & Vehicles are coming to ourWorld

♦ Two new games are launching – Shape Shifters & Empires of Arkea

♠ The name icons can be found in Account Settings:

☻ Name Icons are available only to ourWorld Residents and Zoe’s Club members

♣ In order to change your icon, you must have 20 gems

♠ After confirming your purchase,you can enjoy your new icon!

☻If you want to change your icon back, you have to purchase it again


I have chosen the note icon! Which one would you choose? Comment us! ☻


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◘•◘ Play ourWorld! ◘•◘


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