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Have you seen the ourWorld Monkey Family?


In 2012, ourWorld updated with a family feature.  You can read more about ourWorld families by clicking here.

Some players in ourWorld have fully embraced these virtual families by hardcore role playing.  I’ve even seen players go so far to have grandparents and grand children!  Imagine if you could actually age in ourWorld.  I’d be a dinosaur, RAWR!

Anyway, in order to adopt an ourWorld kid; you need to be level 100.  You can be any level to be adopted by someone.  Each child you adopt will add to your overall flow boost.

Image Credit: Rich Monkey


A few months ago, while making a video on ourWorld; I ran into an ourWorld family.  They were all dressed like monkeys.  They call themselves the monkey family (or something along those lines).  This was easily one of the most interesting groups I’ve ever seen in the game.  We all have our own “ourWorld cliques” but none of us are in a monkey gang.  That was actually pretty cool.  Parts of the ourWorld community are actually really fun!

Have you ever been in an ourWorld family?

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  1. I love my ourWorld family! They are with me through thick and thin. We are all part of a large crew in oW called Syndicate SD. They are sincerely loyal people, and I am fortunate to have them as my family.

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