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Animal Jam – Appondale Journey Book Locations

Do you need help finding the animal locations in Animal Jam? Well you’re in luck! Here’s a complete list of all Appondale Journey Book locations. You will receive a Acacia Pet Tree for completing the list.


Appondale Journey Book


Animal Jam Locations



Wildebeest – top right and appears
Zebra – top right, runs from left to right
Black Mamba – moves in the middle
Weaverbird – top middle. flies in and out. hides.


Rock Hyrax – middle right, appears and disappears


Ant – middle left


Golden Mole – Top left, appears and disappears underground


Meerkat – hides on rock in the middle of map
Warthog – hides on the bottom center of map


Cockroach – bottom left. appears and disappears around front of shop


Guinea Fowl – Located top left of map. hides.

Animal Jam Reward


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