Attention seeking? YouTuber does it for the views and loses one of his testicles!

This YouTuber, Will Zeven, from Peru, paid a serious price for losing in the ‘kick or kiss’ challenge.

The challenge is played like this: if he loses in a game of rock, paper, scissors then she can kick him in the nuts.  He lost more than a game: he lost a testicle.

The vlogger, who has 15,000 subscribers, is obsessed with becoming famous.  After the video aired, it went viral racking up 170,000 views (which really isn’t much).

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In the video, you can see him collapse on the ground in the agony.  In the background, you can hear the girl add insult to injury by saying, “I forgot to mention that I know karate.”  She really didn’t hold back.  She could’ve let him know this before.  Now the poor guy might not ever have kids.

“My genitals are still normal, I will be able to have children and sex normally.”

If you laughed then you’re a funny person ;)

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