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YouTube Creator Facing 30 Years In Prison Due To Child Pornography…

Austin Jones, a 24-year-old internet singer, has been charged with two felony counts of production of child pornography for allegedly persuading underage fans to prove devotion to him by sending graphic videos acting-out his fantasies.  At the time of this post, Austin Jones had over 500,000 subscribers and 25 million views on his YouTube channel.  We should also mention his 200,000 followers on Twitter.

Austin Jones is from Chicago and according to a charging document, Jones’ home was searched Monday and he was interviewed by Homeland Security Investigations where he confessed his sexual fantasies with his fans.

“He admitted that he had used Facebook to have sexually explicit chats with the girls,” the document said, “that he directed them to make videos of themselves dancing in a sexually explicit way and instructed them on what to wear, say, and do in the videos, including performing sexual acts, knowing that they were 14 to 15 years old; that he requested that they send the sexually explicit videos to him, either via Facebook or Apple’s iMessage service; and that he received the videos, viewed them, and masturbated while watching them.”

The feds said the girl sent him 25 videos, including eight of her exposing her genitals.

After his arrest, Jones admitted requesting and receiving videos from the victims, and he admitted it was for sexual pleasure, according to the complaint.

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