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The celebrity contest is over.  And because we love you all so much, we’ve decided to give out 40 box sets instead of 15 box sets.  That equals out to a whopping 4000 gems!

Please add the color box set to your wishlist.  Otherwise, we’ll just gift you whatever.

P.S. — Shame on those who tried to cheat… Tsk… Tsk… Tsk…


Asian Fries Lonely Angel 2DstarZ Amaui Kanoa x3 daisy girl
Cupcakes R Tears Desolance Alina 144 Discord xLolita Skittlex
Percidia jocy rocks I HaveYouBichini CXIsquirrelHater Champagne Shower
lolzamillion RussianDoll xl Melanie lx Miss Cute Meme x kookie x
Niloo HoOoP Lnstant Noodles XoXo Pooh Xoxo Coolvette
September 18th Aelina SquirrleyShirley Gellie JuliaSaysRawr x3
OwElite Storm Zacaroni Cosplay Memorable x3 Sieira
Violation oOcookieH Justin ourWorld*** lililime*** Collector***

***means that we couldn’t find your name on ourWorld

We hope you guys had fun!  You were all so creative and your outfits were all so amazing.  Big thanks to everyone for entering ^^

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