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I only wrote this article because you’re reminiscing on your childhood and ourWorld.com

It’s okay to look back at the past and say, “I miss it.”  Just don’t stare for too long, okay?

Remember the days of ourWorld?  ourWorld was the childhood game for so many.  And for some of us; a literal obsession.  In fact, this blog originally served to publish news for ourWorld — the now barren wasteland of what once was.

Sure, things change with time. We all grow up. You grew up.  But ourWorld didn’t.  ourWorld stayed the same for so many years.  No updates.  No new features.  Nothing.  ourWorld was your childhood and ourWorld never changed.  It was us that changed — all of us.

Change is neither a good thing nor a bad thing.  At one point in time, ourWorld was fun.  We looked forward to playing ourWorld.  Then over a span of time, we found it less and less entertaining.  Maybe ourWorld should’ve changed or maybe we wish we hadn’t.  Maybe sometimes we wish we could go back to those innocent days of simply “trolling” in ourWorld.  Remember trying to trade for your favorite item?  Or begging someone to gift you, “It’s my birthday!” What about falling in love and making promises to someday see each other?  Or hanging out in the buzz?  Test-mode 42 cheat?  Or simply exploring the secret locations of ourWorld?  There was so much about ourWorld that made it so memorable.

One thing is for certain, ourWorld impacted our lives and we’ll never forget that.

Now it’s 2021.  ourWorld released to the public in 2008. Do you know how many games last over 10 years? Not many. Heck, even Disney’s Club Penguin didn’t last as long as ourWorld.  Think about that.  For what ourWorld did during its time; it was truly a remarkable accomplishment — job well done.

Download ourWorld by visiting www.ourworld.com
Mystery box items from 2009 have been added to the store, but unfortunately, you can no longer purchase gems in-game.

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