MovieStarPlanet announced a downloadable version of their game. Will ourWorld do the same?

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[wpsm_dropcap]M[/wpsm_dropcap]ovieStarPlanet, also known as MSP, is a social dress-up game that is popular among tween girls.  Today, MSP announced a downloadable version of their game that will be available on MAC and PC.  This news was to be expected since flash will be discontinued by all major web browsers in the year 202o.  Flash is the backend software used to run MSP.

According to the MovieStarPlanet notification, the advantages of downloading the client include playing in full screen and optimized game-play resulting in (EXTREMELY) faster load times.

Success for this new version of MSP isn’t unlikely.  Similar games like IMVU and Second Life are both downloadable games and have remained stable in a highly competitive market.  Also, a downloadable MSP game may make it possible to port over to clients like Steam where MovieStarPlanet can reach a broader audience.

Just like you install apps on mobile or tablet devices, browser games are making their software downloadable for PC gamers., which is an online flash portal, has released a downloadable client called Kartridge allowing you to play any of their flash games directly from an app.

In time, we will learn if creating a downloadable client of a flash game will be the future of all major flash games.  Perhaps similar games like Club Penguin could’ve stayed around longer.

Some rumors have suggested that ourWorld will become downloadable in the future.  This information has not yet been confirmed.

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