Last Day on Earth | What is the Bunker Vault Code Password?

You must build a CB radio.

So how do you get the Last Day on Earth vault code?  The Bunker Vault was shrouded in mystery because no one has been able to access it yet… until now.

Build a CB radio and check back occasionally.  You’ll see an alert icon hovering over the CB radio.  Click the icon and a pop-up will appear with a bunker password.

The codes are date specific.   They change daily.  I believe the codes are based on a global timezone within Last Day on Earth.

Some important tips when accessing the vault:

  • After you enter the password, an elevator will appear.
  • There are 6 floors in total.
  • You should be prepared when entering floor 1.
  • You will find high-level zombies. Bring weapons.

CB radios can also be used for contacting the trader.  The trader will appear occasionally whenever you leave from your mini-map.


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