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The most dangerous Last Day on Earth enemies and bosses

Last Day on Earth creatures or zombies are pretty dangerous.  The big one and frenzied zombies are the hardest. And that's not the only thing, the game is ...

Last Day on Earth | 6 Useful Life Hacks You should know

Last Day on Earth has a bunch of little life hacks that will make playing the game more enjoyable for you.  Life hacks are anything that can make your life ...

Last Day on Earth | What is the Bunker Vault Code Password?

You must build a CB radio. So how do you get the Last Day on Earth vault code?  The Bunker Vault was shrouded in mystery because no one has been able to ...

How To Play Last Day on Earth — The 7 step survival guide tutorial

In Last Day on Earth, we've come up with an easy step-by-step guide for the surviving gamer. This quick 7-step tutorial will teach you how to play and the ...

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