Social Gamers: The Sims Mobile has officially launched! Download it today!!

The Sims Mobile has officially launched worldwide, the latest game in a series of games that lets you play with simulated people in a range of environments.  The Sims Mobile was created by Eletronic Arts in its Maxis division.

For those of you who are starfish and live under a rock, The Sims Mobile has been beta testing for many months.  The testing was pretty much open to everyone on both the iOS and Android.  Like other Sims games, you take control of a virtual characters and build relationships, hobbies, personality, and a career.  This game is intended to work with The Sims 4 PC-based title.

Unlike other Sims games, The Sims mobile lets you interact with other online counterparts around town and use Stickers to let them know if they’re cute, hot, or fabulous.  Players have a variety of additional interactions at their disposal like initiating a friendly hug or romantic kiss.  More risky actions are available for higher rewards like kissing or experimenting with a new recipe.  Players may also start families with other people.

After building a home with personalized furniture, decorations, appliances, or themed collections, players can invite friends’ Sims over to show off the space, or check out other Sims’ homes by attending their parties.

The game has a freemium model, where players have to wait to complete tasks — or shorten the timers by paying real money. As you level up the character, you can unlock cutscenes that tell more about the narrative of moving up in life.

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