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Kim Kardashian Game | Kardash Summer Collection-weekend event


Weekend is here with another weekend event on Kim K game.

So this weekend Kim needs you to be the model for Kardash summer collection (YAY PHOTOSHOOTS) which includes sunglasses, swimwear and etc.
You choose the location and who to work with! ;D
Italy or Mexico? Khloe or Kourtney? Tell Kim what/who do you like!

So let’s wear Kardash shades and swimwears and smile for the cameraaaaa!


Just like every other weekend, you can win exclusive items for free!!!

This weekend, you need to spend K-stars to get event points and win special items and also can buy gift boxes for 40 K-stars and try your chance for winning exclusive items.

Well there is a bonus cash event too which you’ll get 100% more cash after doing any projects or house parties. LET’S GET RICH!


Argh I’m broke now so can’t get these classy items~ (TwT)
Well anyway, if you want these awesome fancy items and extra cash, then go ahead and play!!

Niloo Wonka

Hey I'm Niloo. I'm an interior design college student and I have an addiction to chocolate and video games. Feel free to contact me on my social media any time. ;] P.S: I don't post on OGC anymore.

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