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Jake Paul’s Team 10 House is under attack after his neighbors threaten to sue him

It’s everyday, bro!  Or in this situation, it’s every night.  Who cares if your neighbors have to work tomorrow.

Jake Paul is a social media star who has more than 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube and is the leader of a growing posse of influencers called Team 10.  The group is in trouble with their neighbors.  KTLA5 covered a news story about the fraught relationship between Paul and other residents who live on his West Hollywood street.  Multiple neighbors have been complaining about the antics of Team 10.

What is it like living next to Jake Paul?

It sucks.  As KTLA5 reports, it involves constant noise, commotion, and being forced to bear witness to a number of at-home pranks of escalating potential danger.  In one stunt, Jake lit furniture on fire in his empty pool thereby creating a conflagration that rose above his roof.  Meanwhile, on the street, Paul’s fans — many of whom are tween and teen girls affectionally called “Paulers” — congregate in hopes of meeting their favorite star.  Paul hasn’t kept his address a secret and the resulting attention from his admirers has been plentiful.

And how does Paul respond to these lawsuits from his neighbors?

Jake decided to “dab on them haters.”

Regardless of the outcome, you can rest assured Paul will welcome and exploit the added attention.  And other legal challenges aside, I don’t know whether he can also be held accountable for the crime of releasing a song as bad as “It’s Everyday Bro,” but if that charge can work its way into the case, I’d happily serve as a witness for the prosecution.

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