team 10
Jake Paul’s Team 10 House is under attack after his neighbors threaten to sue him

It's everyday, bro!  Or in this situation, it's every night.  Who cares if your neighbors have to work tomorrow. Jake Paul is a social media star who ...

Nick Crompton “No I’m Not From Compton” | England is my city is now a meme.
6 Nick Crompton is an entrepreneur and social media star who gained popularity on YouTube, then became co-founder ...

Logan Paul dropped the second verse and makes out with Alyssa Violet
5 Just when you thought the beef was over between Jake Paul and Logan Paul; it starts again. ourGemCodes hasn't ...

CRINGE ALERT: Jake Paul Released an Ohio Fried Chicken song that’s possibly racist

Jake Paul dropped a country-style song about fried chicken when you thought things couldn't get anymore cringe.  The song Ohio Fried Chicken is a satire-comedy ...

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