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These Japanese Teens are creating a genderless fashion that’s Edgy AF

If you care about other people’s opinion you become boring, so I’d rather stand out and be different.

[wpsm_dropcap]T[/wpsm_dropcap]okyo’s hypnotic youth movement are rejecting ideas of fashion defining sexuality.  We’ll learn how and why the movement came about in 2016, and meet the teen pioneers behind Tokyo’s most boundary pushing scene.

In the video, we meet the Tokyo teens celebrating genderless fashion. Using make-up, clothes and Instagram filters, these young people are challenging international beauty norms and drawing on japan’s anime-fluid-beauty standards to express themselves.  But not without adversity, of course:

“When I wear tight trousers, they sometimes call me ‘faggot’ or they say ‘isn’t he gross?’ as I walk past,” they say. “But if you care about other people’s opinion you become boring, so I’d rather stand out and be different.”

It’s difficult to imagine a future of genderless clothing.  Imagine walking into a store with unisex clothing where men and women can dress exactly alike.  We should be able to embrace all kinds of fashion but there’s something off-putting seeing a boy in high heels.

“I saw this Korean model on a shopping channel, and I really liked him. He was really cool,” one participant in the video shares. “It wasn’t until later that I realized she was a girl. I really admired her, and that’s how I got into fashion. I don’t mind people calling me a ‘genderless’ girl. In fact, I’m happy that they do.”

In western culture, we’ve seen a growing trend of unisex fashions; most notably by Jaden Smith.

What do you think about the “genderless” fashion youth?
Edgy, amirite fam?

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  1. honestly i think that this is the future and i’m pretty excited to see that. Cuz ya kno it isn’t fair that girls got to wear pants but guys didn’t get to wear skirts

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