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There’s a new fashion trend: How much is your outfit worth?

[wpsm_dropcap]O[/wpsm_dropcap]kay, I know I haven’t posted in awhile.  I’ve been generally busy with finding a real job and putting my passion projects to the side; although my one project to aid the visually impaired is definitely worth it (but that’s beside the point).  And I won’t even begin to mention my circle jerk app.

Aside from all the ongoing YouTube drama, I’ve been searching the internet for new trends in different niche categories.  And one growing trend I came across is called: How much is your outfit worth?

Fashionistas have been going around the school campus asking kids how much their current outfit is worth.  And you won’t believe the price tags on some of these items!  I wouldn’t even pay $10 dollars for a shirt unless it’s on sale.  I feel like clothes are all made of the same material and I’m not one to care much about brands, but these kids don’t care.

Game communities have even began to make forum posts and videos about the subject.  ourWorld has a forum post here.  And since I’ve started my new Avakin Life series, I might even go around asking people how much their outfits are worth in-game (only the richest).

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