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I’d like to introduce everyone to an Arcade game that often goes unnoticed.Flying Candy is a chain reaction game where you click to pop bubbles and collect the cute little candies that drop from them. It starts slowly but quickly becomes very fast-paced, with a lot of upgrading and frenzied mouse movements. There are special bombs that do everything from shooting out shells to expanding into acid puddles that melt the bubbles! And, did I mention: Flying Candy is an excellent game for earning lots of Flow quickly!

Flying Candy is one of the games that doesn’t have a leaderboard, so you can play without having to worry about your score getting passed up.

Here are some tips:

~Candies get you upgrades, so collect as many as you can!

~The best upgrades to get are Click Radius, Bubble Radius, and Candy Magnet, since they affect the candy bubbles rather than the special bombs.

~There are six levels for each achievement, with green being the easiest to earn and black being the hardest.

~You can always go back and replay a level, especially if you want to earn more upgrades.

~You have to collect half of the bubbles, not half of the candies, to pass a level.

Have fun playing Flying Candy!

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