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Game of the Week: Duck Life


Okay, so technically there were a few games before this one in the order, but the person who suggested this game was so adamant on getting it posted that she took her time and requested it on three different accounts. So, I give you this week’s game.

In Duck Life, Strategy game suggested by owGods Rose, you are a farmer whose farm is destroyed by a tornado, and all that survives is a duckling. So what does the farmer do? Trains the duck and enters it in championship duck racing. ‘Cause that is clearly the solution.

This game is laptop-friendly. No clicking required, except to pick a training activity or a race. Training activities can even be started over by pressing the space bar. ;)

Here are some tips:

  • Train in flying first. If your duck is good at flying, he won’t need as much running or swimming, and at the end, flying training takes so long you can probably watch a gem video over it.
  • Collecting coins in the training games is a good way to earn some extra money for feed seed.
  • Skill seed is not worth the money. Train your duck like a good honest person.
  • Make sure you feed your duck enough; if his energy level is too low he will flop over exhausted in the middle of a race and you’ll lose.
  • If you’re finished training your duck to perfection and want to start over, you can do so through the settings menu.
  • Don’t try the championship until your duck is max level on everything. Otherwise, you will lose. Miserably.

Go! Train this duck to be the ultimate duck athlete! Save the farm! SAVE THE WORLD… okay I got a little carried away, saving the world was last week’s game…

Have a suggestion for a game or (guys this is new, this is the next big thing!) a previous game for me to expand on a little more? Send me a comment or a message and I’ll try to take any requests. My offer to give away free virtual waffles is STILL standing… Come on guys, who doesn’t love waffles?! (I did get a few requests this week, but not enough to make it look like they’re flooding in.) If all your favorite games have been done… why not try something new?

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