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Game of the Week: Feed Me Moar

feed me moar


In this week’s game you are a group of scientists trying to appease cute little animals that became monsters in an unintentional lab accident. Feed Me Moar is a Strategy or Puzzle game, I’m not sure which, but it’s also a new game so you can find it there. Queen of Heaven suggested this game.

This game is doable on a laptop, but it requires some expert timing and/or quick clicking that may be hard. (I’m able to do it but my laptop is my primary computer and I’ve never used a USB mouse or something, just the trackpad, for like nine or ten months now…)

Here are some tips:

  • This game is like Where’s My Water. If you know how to play that, you’re better off. If you don’t, I’m not gonna say shame on you for not having a mobile device, in fact I offer my congrats.
  • There are several interactable things in the scenery. Usually they’ll all have a purpose, but there are a few pointless objects.
  • Purple goop cannons have a limited amount of goop, so don’t be wasteful.
  • If something is in your way, try lighting it on fire.
  • Careful not to hit any monsters with fire or burning objects!

Have a game to suggest? Leave me a comment or shoot me a message! Imaginary ponies for everyone who suggests a game, I’ll throw in a free air guitar too. This week I’m not awarding anything, since I’m again pressed for time (homework, fencing, musical…) but you can count on eventually getting it.

See ya guys next week!

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By the way: I’m planning on doing a few ‘special feature’ posts in which I highlight groups of similar games. If you have a lot of suggestions to offload, or any games you’d like me to expand on, please do tell me.

And a correction on last week’s post: You actually win a Condo item, not a T-shirt, from the Genesis challenge.

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