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Game of the Week: Puzzatales


This week’s game tells three separate stories, and puts a new spin on web puzzles. In Puzzatales, suggested by Persephone, which is obviously located under Puzzle games, you piece together moving puzzles, telling parts of a story. Each story has several puzzles, and they’re all pretty epic, as well as totally random.

This game requires a lot of clicking and dragging, so for those who are not accustomed to doing so on a laptop it may get annoyingly un-laptop-friendly.

Here are some tips:

  • Once you’ve played a puzzle in Story Mode, you can unlock it in Custom Mode, make it super easy or super hard, make the pieces weird shapes, etc.
  • Try focusing on one thing to group together pieces as the puzzle moves around. Then assemble them the next time you see that thing.
  • Words are a good thing to group together first.
  • If you have a webcam, you can film yourself and create a custom puzzle. (The first time I did this, my friends were doing the Harlem Shake in the background, so it was crazy hard.)
  • Once you’ve completed a story, you can watch the whole thing uninterrupted.
  • If it’s easier for you to focus against a lighter background, you can change the background color by clicking that little box at the bottom. If you find the ‘Puzzathoughts’ or the puzzle’s comments distracting you can turn them off.

Your assignment is to go play Puzzatales. Make me proud! I challenge you: Do a puzzle in Custom Mode set on Difficulty: 10 and Style: Crazy. Good luck. It’s hard. Crazy hard, pun intended.

Have a game suggestion? You’re welcome to shoot me a message or a comment, but last week, boy did the requests flood in. So, *takes deep breath* Virtual waffles, at last, go to: owGods Sunny, Cheese8D, Gauche (who gets extra waffles for suggesting like three games), Queen of Heaven, Persephone, and Thunder Eyed (yes, we are related). Soooo. (>o_o)>#    Take the waffle before I eat it! And… free (imaginary) ponies for anyone who suggests a game before I give them away! So of course go ahead and suggest!

Also, I said last week that I may return to and review on a few games I’ve done in the past that are popular, such as Monsters Den or Touch the Bubbles 3. . People have also been commenting about how they’re ‘getting bored’ of the same old stuff every week. I’ve been forbidden from doing anything but flash games, but if anyone has more suggestions on how to make flash games more exciting, you’re welcome to suggest away, as long as it’s appropriate.

And looky, my new author banner… thanks to Zylah for making this for me! I totally love it :)

lightning eyed banner 2


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