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pointix yeahThis week we have ourselves a frenzy of pointing and clicking to connect and collect orbs in the fast-paced Matching game, Pointix. In Pointix, you must connect a certain number of the same type of orbs by clicking them. The game starts out very easy, with only two types of orbs, but before you know it, there’s an entire rainbow to smash and collect. Like with last week’s game, Cammie in Beat Street has a series of challenges to play this game, and you’ll win Flow, badges, and Music Mystery Boxes from doing so! This game was suggested to me by x Free Hugs.

Here are some tips:

  • You’ll need to group more than two orbs together for some levels.
  • Don’t worry, you won’t lose if the orbs drop off screen! However, once an orb drops off screen you can’t match with it anymore, so if it’s in your sequence any other orbs it was connecting will be disconnected.
  • You will lose if your torch drops off screen. Matching orbs will boost the torch back up again, so match fast!
  • Any orbs caught on the lines between any orbs that you connect and destroy will be destroyed too. You can catch the most orbs this way by zigzagging from one far side of the screen to the other!
  • The last little bubble on the left side of the game screen (it says 90 in my screenshot) shows how many orbs you still have to destroy to complete the level.

Have fun playing Pointix! Don’t get distracted by all the pretty colors and shiny objects!

Have a favorite game you’d like to see featured on OGC? Leave a comment on this post or on my forum profile, or if you see me in ourWorld you can tell me then!

(Next week, though, I’m planning a St. Patty’s Day surprise- I’m part Irish, so you can count on that! Have fun ’til then!)

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