2013 shadow variant frost mystery box outfits


Today I bring you some frosty dark outfits done by the members of OGCF, I have decided to give them the chance to shine in the wonderful OGC spotlight..! These outfits are very dark and frosty so you may want to be careful..! We have a lot of outfits for you this time…!! 13, WOW..!



                                                                    Outfit by: Lights.


                                                   Outfit by: Mr. Blade/ OS Eternal Blade.

                                                       Outfit by: Maitreyi.


                                                           Outfit by: Intensive.


                                                                 Outfit by: Only.

                                    Outfit by: Awesome Possum o_o/AW3S0M3 P0SSUM.

                                                            Outfit by: Cynical Cyanide.


                                               Outfit by: Purdy/The Deviant.

                                                          Outfit by: iMira.

                                                       Outfit by: Error/ Fake Barbie.

                                                     Outfit by: CEILINE/ TR Jelly.


                                                       Outfit by: Aenema.


                                                                Outfit by: Unreal.

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