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ourWorld | 5 Reasons Why oW Loves Unicorns

We have a sneaky suspicion that ourWorld secretly loves unicorns.  It’s true.  ourWorld has been leaving magical tidbits of information behind leading us to their obsession with unicorns.  And I mean, who doesn’t love unicorns?  Unicorns are mythical creatures of wonder and magic.  We’re onto you ourWorld!

Don’t believe us?  In this post, we’re going to give you 5 reasons why oW is like unicorns:

#5. Some people say ourWorld is poop.  BUT unicorns poop rainbows, and rainbows are awesome.  Therefore ourWorld is awesome.

Unicorn Poop

Haters gonna hate.  And everyone’s spoken to an ourWorld hater at some point in time.  ourWorld haters are easy to point out.  oW haters are always ranting about how they hate ourWorld and how it could be SO MUCH BETTER (which is mostly true).  But then those same haters go and spend all their money on the game.

Some people say ourWorld is poop.  Well unicorns poop rainbows.  And rainbows are awesome.  Therefore, ourWorld is awesome.  Check. And. Mate!

#4. ourWorld is pretty magical and so are unicorns. ;)

magical unicorn

Where’s this quote from, “It’s so fluffy! I’m gonna die!!!!!”

That’s right.  It’s from The Terminator.  Wait, no… that was the other movie that we misquoted earlier on our website.  Anyway, you get the point.  The quote was referring to a fluffy unicorn.  And ourWorld gives that magical feel when you play it.

3. I’m pretty sure you can dress up like a unicorn on ourWorld. UnicornWorld.


Not many people know this but you can wear unicorn items in ourWorld.  Just check out the picture above!  You can be a unicorn.  Just another reason why ourWorld is in love with unicorns!

2. Not only can you dress like a unicorn, you can have a pet unicorn. (And name it Charlie)


There are unicorn pixie pets from the adventure time mystery box.  Now you can fashion your very own unicorn and name him too.  ourWorld secretly wants you to be friends with a unicorn.  We just know it.  And the fact that you can name your unicorn charlie means they’ve seen the viral unicorn video, as well!

#1. Adventure Time is awesome with UNICORNS!



The number one reason ourWorld loves unicorns is Adventure Time.  They’ve included unicorn items in their game.  If that doesn’t say love, then we don’t know what does!  ourWorld… just admit it.  You guys love unicorns and so do we.

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