6 Ways To Lose Your Friends


Do you like to play tricks on your friends?  Everyone loves a good prank which is why we’ve made this list. Here are 6 ways to lose your friends on ourWorld.

#6. Leave while you’re in the middle of a conversation. Then ignore them.

Do you really want to lose your friend?  Have them tell you a story.  Then halfway through, ditch them for someone else. LOL


When they ask where you went, don’t respond.  Ignore them for the entire week.  They’ll be confused.  And they’ll get jealous because you ditched them for someone else.

#5. Spam them with Private Messages.

Whenever your friend signs on, spam them with messages, “Hey hey hey bestie!!!  I miss you, I miss you, I MISS YOU!!!!”  -taps shoulder repeatedly- :DDD

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When they respond, ask them what they’re doing (every 10 seconds).  Do this over and over and they’ll go insane! TROLLOLOL

#4. Beg your friends to buy you gifts.

There’s nothing more annoying than a friend who begs for gifts.

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Gift beggars are the worst.  ourWorld is not about items. Get to know someone from the inside, and you’ll appreciate them more.

#3. Spread gossip and lies about your friend.

Want to get your friend furious?!  Spread gossip.  Then when your friend confronts you about the gossip; pretend as if you don’t know anything.


Be a good friend. Unless your friend is completely psychotic or something.  Then don’t feel too bad for spreading rumors about them.

#2. Stalk your friend’s location and annoy them with questions.

Stalk them without warning.  Then ask them ridiculous questions like, “Have you ever eaten your pet goldfish?” or “Which side of toilet paper do you like most?”

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After awhile, they’ll get so annoyed that they’ll probably block you. OR in some circumstances, you and your friend become super close.  It’s always better to ask before stalking.

#1. Ask your friend for their password.

Ask your friend to borrow their ourWorld password for, you know, friendship “stuff”. Oh, and remember to promise your friend that you won’t do anything bad like spend all their gems or steal their items. You would never do such a thing, right? Right?


Many ourWorld accounts have been stolen. If your account has ever been stolen, then please contact ourWorld.  NEVER give your password to anyone.

Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for any ruined friendships. If you decide to annoy your friends then know where to draw the line. BE A GOOD FRIEND!

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