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Vegas Island Tour: Welcome To Vegas!

Vegas World is the newest island on ourWorld. It’s confirmed – if everything goes well, it will be opened on ourWorld on the 19th of March.

But now, while we all are still waiting for that special day, you can learn more about the island by going with us through this exciting tour!

Get to the Vegas in-style!

How to get to the Vegas Island? Through the Pier. The same place where you go if you want to visit the Soho.

Click on the ‘Taxi’ sign and you will be politely asked which place do you want to visit: Soho or Vegas World.

Dependent on your choice, the Taxi or Limo will appear to get you to your destination!

Sushi Time! Slots

This is one of the gambling games, featured on Vegas Island.

You start the game by getting some chips:

Then you Spin the Slots Machine, hoping to get one of the nicest delicious combinations (or the Big Jackpot, of course!)

After winning enough chips to satisfy yourself, you can Cash Out.

And if you’re 18+ years old, you can even convert your chips into coins! Cha-Ching!

Shipwreck Lounge

Another awesome place to visit while being on Vegas Island is the pirate-themed Shipwreck Lounge!

Sit and relax there with your friends or meet some new ones.

Oh, and don’t forget to serve/drink some soda, while being in there. ;)


Vegas Casino is the most perfect place to show your gambling skills in one of these games:

Max Roullette


Poker Superstars


Lucky 7 shops

Unfortunatelly, we can’t post the festive stuff that will be in these stores. Why? Because it’s just not there yet.

But don’t worry! We’ll show you all of the amazing stuff along with the prices as soon as they arrives!

Before that, you can see how a couple of items from the Ritz Shop (read more about it here) looks like on a person:

That’s all for now. I hope this little tour helped you to get a better view of the new island that is coming to ourWorld.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section below! I am sure you have a lot to say. ^_^

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