ourWorld Updates: Sushi Time! Slots

With the upcoming ourWorld update, a few changes will be made on one of the most popular Vegas Island features – Sushi Time! Slots machine.

Here’s a preview on what is going to be updated:

Different amount of game chips to play and… flow for playing?! Yay!

New getting chips table
Old getting chips table

New game machine design

New Sushi Time! Slots machine design
Old Sushi Time! Slots machine design

Jackpot tokens

Increasing Jackpot

Everytime you spin the machine, the Jackpot will increase by one chip. More spins you make – the bigger Jackpot becomes.

Cashing out

Before this update, if you’re less than 18 years old it was pretty much pointless playing this game, since you do not have the ability to exchange chips you won for ourWorld coins as other players.

Now, instead of nothing, people will be able to redeem their winnings for Bonus Flow!

All this is coming to ourWorld with the upcoming ourWorld update (16th of April).

Do you think these updates are needed? Do you like Sushi Time! Slots game? Have you ever seen the Wasa-Bee while playing it? And last, but no least, do you like Sushi?? ^ ^
Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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