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Step 1 – Buy Residency

In order for this to work, you’re going to need to buy residency so you can post items to the marketplace.  The best way of doing this is buying residency for a newb.  Whenever you buy residency on a newb, you unlock gifting.  Gift your main account a residency pass.  Use gem codes on your newb account weekly so you can continue to gift your main.   You will have 160 gems leftover after buying residency pass for your main.

 Step 2 – Buy mystery boxes or event items

With the remaining 160 gems; you can but either mystery boxes or event items.  Event items are guaranteed to sell for a certain amount on the marketplace.  You can try your luck at mystery boxes.  But if you get a bad item, it won’t sell for much on the market and you won’t make as many coins.  However, if you get a really rare item like wings or a pixie pet then you can easily sell that item for millions.  Choose wisely.

 Step 3 – Sell on the Marketplace

The trick to the marketplace it to buy new items and sell them fast.  Once a new box releases; the demand for the items in that box are high.  So you want to buy and sell those items as soon as they release.  “Elite” ourWorld players like to collect all the items once they’re released and are willing to pay millions for new items (even if they’re not worth that much).


 Step 4 – Profit

Always sell rare items on the marketplace (items with stars beside their name).  You will almost always profit from selling on the marketplace versus selling to the store.

Tip: Use our weekly gem codes to buy new items and sell them on the marketplace.  Quite honestly, once you have residency; you should never have to buy gems if you know how to use gem codes.  Codes are for around 90 gems per month.  Use some of those gems to buy low-costing items.



This method takes some planning and saving, but it can be well worth it.


This method is buying 20+ mystery boxes the DAY they release to the super store. When you are one of the first few people to get the items that people want (and don’t have gems for,) you can make an EXTREME amount of profit.

e.g, I bought around 30 Light Variant Rainbow boxes the day they came out, and I traded my Rainbow Aurora Curl Hair for white fu lion claws.

The next week? That hair was worth below 7 mil. People will pay INSANE prices when they see something new that they want.

NOTE: This can ALSO work with new super store items that are limited time.


These are all spring items that cost around 20 gems each, and theyre selling for over 500,000 on the market place even after being out for over a month!

Have fun and happy selling!

~Zelduh xx


Heya! I'm Zelduh~ I like Sushi and cute little pastel colored things. <3 I'm obsessed with Vocaloid and video games. -w-" oh oh and art! I love drawings. <3 Let's have fun! ~ <3

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