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Top 3 Most Common Events

Do you ever feel like events are all the same?  Well maybe that’s because they are.  They are ALL THE SAME.  THEY HAVE NO ORIGINALITY.  THEY… -pulls out hair- …will be talked about in this post, calmly.

Trading Events

reg trading

Trading events are the most common event in ourWorld (probably everyone and their mom’s agrees with me).   The only people who would disagree are people who live underneath a rock and they probably live next to pineapple (get the joke?)  Trading events are events where people get together to trade for rare or super rare items.

Singles Events

singles event

I bet absolutely nothing that every ourWorlder has been to a singles event!  Singles events are for people who want to mingle (maybe even genie move) and find a person to virtually give their heart!

Adoption Event


Do you know that adoption section on your profile?  That was originally not there!  Since many people on ourWorld decided to make events on adopting they finally decided to create that button!  Adoption events are an event where people come to find online kids.

The rest are either just normal parties or just random stuff.
Hope you like it :)

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