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En Pointe Monthly Set

Coming to a Virtual Store Near You: May 2015


En Pointe Cape


En Pointe Dress


En Pointe Decorations


En Pointe Jackets


En Pointe Socks


En Pointe Wings



The ourWorld May 2015 En Pointe Monthly Set reminds me of ballerinas tip-toeing around while Kanye West has weird music playing in the background and Taylor Swift is there too.  Wait?! WAIT… I think that was a nightmare I had!

Anyway, this post took me 40 minutes to make.  I guess 40 minutes isn’t TOO BAD.  I’m not able to make the “list-style” posts like I did with the ourWorld Spring 2015 Items.  And I can’t do outfit posts until these items hit playtest.  So for now, this is the only way I can do Monthly sets… for now.  Outfit posts coming soon. Just catching up. *nods*

Being a ballerina looks painful.  But whatever.  This makes day 4 of consistent posting.  Dang.  Gimme a cookie.

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