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Mr Mole’s Mystery Mart: Hats

Mr. Mole Items – Hats

Mr.Mole’s Mystery Mart opens every Friday, starting at 12 am PST, in Wonderland. You can find rare items in his shop but if you want them, you have to get them that day because he usually doesn’t sell the same item twice. Be sure to have gems if you want his items, too! Visit him this Friday to learn more.

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Note: Not all the items shown have been released in the Mystery Mart yet.

Other Mystery Mart Items:


Fat Head Bunny
Fat Head Puppy

Head Shark
Racoon Skin Hat
Devil's Hood
Stylish Bear Hat
Viking Hat
Jester Hat
Royal Crown
Classy Top Hat
Checkered Over-sized Hat
Striped Over-sized Hat
Camo Helmet
Bandit Hat
Starshine Beanie
Star Cap
Toxic Mask
Smiley - GRR!/YAH!/LOL!/CRY!/OMG!



If you have any of the missing items, please email

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