ourWorld Updates: February 3rd

These features are scheduled to be released February 3rd, 2014:

New Games
* BombRunner
* Magic Treasure

New Items
* New Condo Doors
* Love Sonnet Wings (40 gems)
* Plaid Lover’s outfit set (cost coins)

Bug Fixes/Changes:
* Facebook Connect is working again.
* Chat Log: Mouse’s scroll wheel no longer scrolls up/down within individual messages.
* Chat Log: In the Whisper tab, most recently-whispered players are sorted at the top now.
* Chat Log: Size settings are now saved in your browser’s cookies.

These features are scheduled to be released February 1st, 2014:
* February Monthly Set – Super Cyborg Set
* February Resident Item – Romantic Tree

Sound/Music Mute:
* Mute All Sounds mutes both sound effects and music.
* Mute Music mutes music only.
* Sound/Music settings removed from User Settings; no point in having it there.

The release of the Paper Heart Magic box is unknown at this time.

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Donny Pie

Hello! My name is Donnel Garner. I created ourGemCodes in 2010. I have my degree in Computer Science. I’m a web developer, entrepreneur, content creator, and United States Submariner. I am a young philanthropist and contribute to open source foundations.

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