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Secret ourWorld Game: Bejeweled 2

Hello there.  Recently, the administrators removed some games from ourWorld.  They even removed some of my favorite games  *cries*.  However, you can still play Bejeweled 2.
So let’s get started :

Step #1: Get the “Diamond Display” condo item

diamond display

Visit somebody’s condo which has the item ‘Diamond Display’ in it.  Or maybe you can buy it.  It’s just worth 105,000 coins or 22 gems.
-If you’re planning to buy it, you can find it in the “Rooms” section in a shop.

Step #2: Click the item and play Bejeweled 2

click the jewel

click on the item and it will take you to the gaming room where you can play Bejeweled 2! :D



Provide proof in the comments that you beat my high score and we’ll gift you January 2014 Scenic Hair.  But it must be a pic like the one above, from the LEADERBOARD ^^

-The contest is limited time.  You need to do this as soon as possible.  They will patch this.

This post was submitted by Matt Wayne
I hope i helped! :)
Happy new year, dear ourWorlders :’)

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