Secret Mission: Cupid’s Bow

Secret Throwable: Cupid’s Bow!

Step 1)  Go to your friend’s list and search:

Step 2) Go to his condo

Step 3) Buy Love Potion for 5 gems

Emo Edwin is such a romantic at heart

Step 4) Throw the potion at Edwin and he’ll weep:

Collette is in her condo, cheating on Edwin. Not.

Step 5) Now go to Collette’s Condo

Step 6) Give Collette the letter.  Watch the drama unfold, lol:

There is an RIP Tombstone on the letter. Edwin is a psycho.

Step 7) Go back to Edwin’s Condo

Step 8) Give Edwin the heartbreaking letter

Step 9) He’ll reply with an emo response and give you Cupid’s Bow!

5 Gems for Cupid's Bow?! Fiiiineee

Moral of the story: Edwin is obsessive and perhaps suicidal o_o

If you look closely, you’ll see Edwin written under the letters RIP
Found in Nevermore!!!!  Edwin must be a zombeh o_o

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